Box Grease Pillow – XPFG616S



* Easy to replace
* Lightweight
* Hydrophobic
* Grease will not leach out when soaked with rain or snow
* Pillow should be replaced every three to four months
* For use with G1000 (Grease Catcher)

Like it or not, grease happens.

Right over your head, right now: Fats, oil and grease (FOG) are up there giving your roof a real working over and creating a real fire hazard.

And after it`s done there, FOG will make its way into your drains, creating even more problems for you. With more cities and states passing legislation aimed at protecting storm drains, you may be liable for expensive fines.

With the revolutionary Grease Catcher System, you can protect your roof from damage or fire by automatically catching and absorbing grease and oils that drip from your kitchen exhaust fan.

The Grease Catcher System is just the thing. It adheres to EPA standards, traps FOG in hydrophobic, fireproof absorbent pads. Once captured, FOG cannot leach out, even when soaked with rain or snow.

The Grease Catcher System is the truly inexpensive way to keep your roof in good shape. It`s easy to install and simple to maintain. It`s really a question of whether you want to spend a little now to protect your roof or a whole lot later to replace it.

Economical and uncomplicated, the Grease Catcher System will keep your roof clean and drains free of FOG – right now.

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