Ten Reasons to use XSORB

1. Easy – Mops and rags need to be rinsed and wrung out repeatedly when cleaning up oils, thick liquids and sugary juices. Degreasers or detergents are sometimes needed. Paper towels alone won’t clean the floor properly. When using XSORB there are no such concerns. Just pour it on, mix and simply sweep it away.

2. Fast – No time is wasted rolling out the mop bucket, wringing out rags, picking through the breakage to remove shards of glass, changing mop water, and waiting for the floor to dry. With XSORB, you just sprinkle, mix and sweep the spill away. This allows you to get back to more important things.

3. Safety:

  • Reduces slip and fall injuries. After a floor has been mopped, it remains wet for an additional period. When XSORB is used, the floor is not only left clean, but dry as well. A major company reported that of slip and fall claims that went to litigation, the average cost was $100,000 each!
  • Protects from cuts, burns and chemical exposure. When dealing with broken glass, hot oil or chemicals, any physical contact is a potential injury. With XSORB you never have to lay a finger on the breakage or the spilled liquid.
  • Prevents contact with contaminated mops. Mops and rags should be disinfected or sanitized after use because they breed bacteria and odors that can contaminate hands, foods, and surfaces. With XSORB, you simply throw the spill away, broken glass and all, so there are no sanitary concerns to worry about.

4. Lightweight – Eliminates injuries and fatigue that result from using heavy equipment or large carts. One bottle of XSORB weighs only 2 pounds.

5. Universal Formula – It can be used on EVERYTHING (except hydroflouric acid). Even tough spills such as hazardous chemicals, oil, syrup, solvent, liquid soap, or paint are handled easily. XSORB is the versatile absorbent that does the job.

6. Tremendous Absorption Capacity – XSORB will absorb 5 to 6 quarts of oil per 6 quart bottle. How many rolls of paper towels would you need to clean up one and a half gallons of cooking oil? And what would the floor surface be like afterwards?

7. Saves labor costs – The average spill with oil takes approximately 20 minutes to clean up from the point of identifying the spill type, setting the warning cones out, closing off the area, locating the mop and bucket, bringing it back, removing any broken glass or plastic, scooping up the bulk, repeatedly wringing and mopping, changing the mop water and replacing the bucket to its proper place. Using XSORB takes approximately 5 minutes from spill identification to a clean, dry floor. There is a savings of 10 to 15 minutes per spill, 365 days a year. Now that is a big savings.

8. Increases Sales – Using XSORB on every spill will keep the areas open for business, not closed for cleaning.

9. Boosts morale – Everybody hates mopping. It’s just a fact of life. The mops with wringers are difficult to wheel around, messy and time consuming. Nobody wants to be the one that has to clean up the mess. But with XSORB, employees are amazed at how easy it is to use.

10. XSORB IS THE BEST – It does everything it claims to do and more. It is ideal for spills in kitchens, work areas, store aisles, check stands, walkways, refrigerator/freezers, restrooms, parking lots and anywhere spills take place. Many commercial establishments have already realized they can no longer afford to use the mop and bucket technique. XSORB applies New Century Technology to the old problem of slip and falls, and in the process, has created a much safer environment for both the customer and employee. XSORB is just one of many new ideas that is revolutionizing the way we carry on “business as usual.”