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With a complete range of Absorbent products, Clear Environmental Products is your clear choice in Super Absorbents. XSORB is an engineered Super Absorbent, designed to clean up a wide range of liquid and semi-liquid spills in a variety of industries. Simply sweep spills away, leaving surfaces clean, dry and non-slippery. Highly absorbent, economical and light weight, XSORB is the most effective and versatile absorbent in the market today. Not only the most economical solution, XSORB is certified by Environment Choice (also known as the Canadian EcoLogo) which independently certifies to meet strict environmental standards that reflect the products entire life cycle — from manufacturing to disposal. For Clear Environmental’s full line click here

Economy Spill Kit and Outdoor All Purpose Absorbents

Be Ready when spills happen with our Spill Response Kits This economic kit is specifically made for the transportation industry, designed to fit under or behind the driver’s seat to achieve local, provincial and state law compliance. Available in a standard 18” x 24” re-closable bag, the kit contains all you need to handle spills. Kits Customized to suit all applications, please contact us for details.

Clear Environmental Products Spill Caddy

Made for stores that require a complete solution to spill clean up. Each kit contains all the items necessary to manage 100 – 8oz spills. Easy to maneuver with refill items available as required. Each kit is ready to tackle every job.

The Grease Catcher is our newest product to protect your roof from grease damage and fire. Fats, oil and grease (FOG) may be destroying your roof and creating a real fire hazard. With Clear Environmental Products revolutionary Grease Catcher, you can protect your roof from damage or fire by automatically catching and absorbing grease and oils that drip from your kitchen exhaust fan.


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